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About Denise

Denise Goff based in Dublin, Ireland studied Musical Theatre in the UK obtaining a BA (hons) Degree in Musical Theatre.

Movement has been a part of Denise's life for over 25 years. It began with Gymnastics where Denise competed for her county and province Leinster. During her degree, Denise continued competing but this time it was in Cheerleading, yes just like that Netflix show ;). 


After her degree, Denise lived, worked and continued her training in London for 10 years, along with making appearances on stage, TV/Film and performing for audiences all around the world as a professional dancer.

Denise has taught in many studios across London and now, she is mainly based at Perpetua Fitness Dublin along with appearing on Leanne Moore's online subscription LIFT By Leanne and hosts POP up classes of her own Called DRIP DRIP B*SH and WHIP WHIP B*SH.


Denise's aim through fitness is to connect with people, to make enjoyable workouts and to have people leave class smiling and feeling lighter mentally.

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Classes you can do


Why just workout when you can
workout and have fun!


A mash up of dance cardio and barre fitness. Pop up classes in DUBLIN - Keep an eye out for the next date on the BOOK NOW page.


What is Barre? Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout fusing ballet, yoga and pilates for a full body workout. It is known to sculpt the body, giving you a long lean physique. We work to the beat, so it is great for music lovers and for working on your co-ordination! 



Unleash your inner dancing queen in this 45 minute dance class. You will begin with a warm up, stretch and little toning before learning an across the floor combo and finishing with a choreography section. You'll leave ready with a dance routine to perform on your nights out! Keep an eye out for the next date on the BOOK NOW page.


Head of RYTHM RIDE in one of Dublins leading boutique studios Perpetua, Denise takes you through 45 minutes of a full body workout. Club vibe lighting, loud music and riding to the beat of the music with some fun choreography is what is to be expected!


Also part of the Studio classes at Perpetua, SWEAT is a mix of treadmill and floor pushes! In this class we work on cardio and strength. Again, expect club vibe lighting, loud music and a sweaty workout!! 

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